Trade Customers

Share our wide range with your customers

You are welcome to buy direct from us by emailing or please contact one of our distributors:

  • Produce Company – Auckland
  • Bidfood – Hamilton
  • Bidfood – Queenstown
  • Bidfood – Rotorua
  • Bidfood – Auckland
  • Bidfood – Tauranga
  • Sea Services – Auckland


Easy Ordering & Dispatch

Orders received by 10am are dispatched for overnight delivery within the North Island and within 2 days to the South Island. However some remote areas require contract delivery and in these cases we’ll work with you to identify the best delivery option.

In order to help you manage 'best by' dates especially for our soft and fresh cheeses, we encourage ordering every two weeks or so, and we’ll work with you to deliver cheese as ripe or as fresh as you need.

Cheeses are boxed into cardboard outers and sent daily in a chilled truck at 4 degrees. We prefer to dispatch Monday to Thursday so we can avoid the weekend and make sure the cheese arrives in good shape, but are also able to arrange dispatch on Friday for Saturday delivery if required.


Size and packaging options

Our hard and blue cheeses are made in large rounds (7-12kg), and a few of our soft cheeses are made in 1kg rounds as well as the “mini” size. We’re happy to supply them in their original rounds or we can cut large discs for you to cut and pack onsite. We also cut and vac-pack these into smaller pieces for retail sale. We have the ability and flexibility to make other sizes of some cheese too.


Special packages for restaurants

Please phone us to find out what we can offer.