Over the Moon Christmas Tree Platter

Over the Moon Christmas Tree Platter

Planning something special for your festive cheese board? Follow Sue’s steps below to pop together a perfect Christmas Platter your family, friends or colleagues will remember.

The Over the Moon Christmas Tree Cheese Platter:

Start with a large board 50cm x 50cm and prepare all the cheese first. Wash and dry fruit, tomatoes and herbs. Put each of the ingredients in a small dish.

The tree has 4 layers: build from the bottom up. Sue’s tip  build each layer from the middle to the outside – its easier to keep the shape in balance

  • Tree trunk, 5 sticks of Molly Whoppy Crunchy n Cheesy Savoury Bites (30g pack)
  • Bottom layer of cheese (layer 4), 250g of OMG Triple Cream Brie sliced (NB – easier to make with squares)
    • 12 small strawberries and sprigs of rosemary
  • Next layer of cheese (layer 3), 230g of Wensleydale with Cranberries sliced into wedges
    • 8 red jellybean tomatoes and parsley sprigs
  • Next layer of cheese (layer 2), 155g of Goat Blue cubed
    • 6 green grapes and sprigs of rosemary
  • Top layer of cheese (layer 1), 135g of The Black Sheep, cubed with red rind showing on each piece
    • Sprigs of rosemary
  • To cut the star, use a cookie cutter and 40g of Manchego. Double layer for better effect.

Pop some Zoe Bone Foods Spiced Carrot and Garlic chutney into a small dish, add Herb and Spice Fine Food Lavosh Bites, forks and little cheese knives.

Bon appetit!!