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On a cheese board
With smoked chicken and fresh bread or panini
Adds flavour to a cheese fondue
Baked in the oven whole and drizzled over veggies.

Pinot Gris
late harvest Riesling
Pinot Noir

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Made from high quality cow’s milk.

Galactic Gold is orangey-yellow and the rind may be slightly sticky. It has a rich, aromatic, piquant flavour and a creamy, soft and supple body, a little like the texture of camembert. The texture is creamy and melting, and as it matures the cheese develops a more complex taste. If the mature version is too strong for you try a younger one next time.

This style of cheese is known as ‘washed rind’. Once the cheeses are set out to mature after making they are washed with brine solution every 2-3 days during their maturation time which helps to develop their distinctive texture and flavour. Originally developed by Trappist Monks to eat on their fasting days, they were originally banned on French public transport because of their strong ‘smelly socks” aroma!

Galactic Gold is delicious in salads, quiches, and on cheese platters, but best of all as a dessert with dried fruit.

Available in 1kg or 200 gram squares, and 100g half square.

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