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On its own as the centre of your cheeseboard.
Baked in the oven until slightly runny and eaten with a French stick.

Fruity wines

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Burgundy Moon is made from high quality cow’s milk. The milk for our cheese comes from a farm close to our factory in the South Waikato.

An original cheese from Over the Moon, Burgundy Moon is rind-washed with Merlot grape skins and seeds sourced locally from Mills Reef Winery in the Bay of Plenty. The washing imparts a fruity earthy flavor to the decadently creamy centre. Expect yeasty and slightly animal flavours which will get stronger as the cheese ages. The paste is characteristic of a classic Over the Moon cheese, mild and golden with a hint of grapes.

The cheeses are washed with a mix of Merlot grapes and other “secret ingredients” to help develop bacteria responsible for the reddish-black colour on the rind, and the slightly pungent smell. This results in a creamy cheese that oozes more as it ages. This soft style grew out of monasteries in France and Belgium, where meat-abstaining monks were often brewers as well as cheesemakers. They began lacing their cheeses with alcohol for added flavor and preservation.

Serve it at room temperature so the cheese will return its best texture and flavour! Cut it like a pie so that everyone gets an equal share of the rind. To store, wrap tightly with clingfilm, and remove from refrigerator one hour before serving to bring up to room temperature.

Our favourite way to eat it is on a pre-dinner cheeseboard with merlot wine paste, French bread and of course a glass of Merlot!

Available in 100g wedge and 1kg wheel.

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