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On its own as the centrepiece of your cheeseboard
As a filling for pancakes together with crisp apples
Baked in the oven till it oozes, then scoop out with French bread or a plain cracker

Pinot Noir
Dry Cider
Chenin Blanc
Pinot Gris

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Aroha is made from high-quality cow’s milk. The milk for our cheese comes from a farm close to our factory in the South Waikato.

Another original new cheese from Over the Moon, this is a Camembert style with a French raw-milk flavor! Although our milk is pasteurised, we’ve created a cheese with much of the characteristic complexity, range and strength of flavours of a raw milk Camembert. The result is nutty and caramel with fruity and earthy mushroom flavours. The interior is creamy and supple.

Marie Harel created the original Camembert cheese from raw milk, in Normandy, France, in 1871. The best examples are usually made from raw milk, but most mass-produced Camemberts in France are now pasteurised.

A favourite with those who dream of European raw milk cheeses, the paste is mild, golden and velvety. Leave it to age and it will become stronger in flavor, will ooze more, and be a little brown on the rind.

Serve it at room temperature so the cheese will return its best texture and flavour! Cut it like a pie so that everyone gets an equal share of the rind. To store, wrap tightly with its wrap or clingfilm, and remove from refrigerator one hour before serving to bring up to room temperature.

Our favourite way to eat it is on a pre-dinner cheeseboard with crisp apples, a dry cider and some soft bread!

Available in 120g wedge and 1kg wheel.

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