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On a cheeseboard or antipasto plate.
As a table cheese on crackers or fresh bread.
Crumbled or pieced over a green salad with walnuts and pears

Late harvest Riesling
Sauvignon blanc
Pinot noir

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Another signature cheese by international cheese judge and CheeseMaster Neil Willman and designed especially for Over the Moon.

This is our deluxe blue and the flavour is well balanced, strong and complex.  The cheese is firm with a creamy mouth feel.  It’s slightly crumbly when young and is peppery with a slightly salty finish.  The paste is ivory with lots of deep blue veins.

It is lovely on a cheese platter or as part of an antipasto plate and also matches well with sweet wine at the end of a meal.

Serve it at room temperature so the cheese will return its best texture and flavour!. Cut it like a pie so that everyone gets an equal share of the rind.  Our favourite way to eat it is on a pre-dinner cheeseboard with honey, plain crackers and Riesling!

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