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On a cheeseboard – a colourful addition.
As a table cheese on crackers or fresh bread.
Use in Welsh Rarebit as a toast snack.
Grate on top of baked dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc

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Made from high quality cow’s milk.

This is a similar cheese to cheddar except that it is slightly moister and has a slightly higher acidic tang. The texture is firm but slightly softer and creamier than cheddar and is slightly flaky which makes it more suited to cutting into cubes than slicing. This flakiness becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages in our cellar. The orange (not really red) colour is derived from a natural colouring known as annatto.

Our Red Planet is made in a large 12kg round and cut into 100gram wedges. It is ideal as a table cheese, grating, grilling and as part of a cheese platter.

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