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Melted on top of baked dishes or to finish pasta
Serve at the end of a meal with pears, walnuts and strong honey
on a cheeseboard with fresh bread and pear paste

Pinot gris
Pinot noir

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Made in the true Pecorino (hard sheep milk) style, this semi-soft cheese is full-bodied with a rich and smooth texture.   The paste is buttery and mild, and with a scattering of peppercorns and a balanced mouth feel, this cheese presents a tangy and well- measured flavour.  It has a white to ivory paste and is creamy in colour; semi-firm.

The word “pecora” means “sheep” in Italian, hence the name. It links back to a time when sheep were an essential source of food and materials for rural families in what is now Italy. And the first historical records of the cheese being made come from nearly 2,000 years ago, in the works of the Roman writer Pliny the Elder.

Our Pepperino is made in a 6-7kg wheel.   Because it is matured in vacuum bags, there is no rind on the cheese.  The rounds are matured for at least 6 months, sometimes longer.  As the product gets older, it gets tangier and stronger.

It is ideal as a table cheese, grating, grilling and as part of a cheese platter.  Try it melted on top of your potatoes!

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