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On a cheeseboard with a soft and a hard cheese
Grated over your veggies
Matched with fig paste/ bread/ cake

Dry sherry
Fullbodied red
Fullbodied white
American pale ale

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Over the Moon’s Manchego is based on the traditional style from Spain and was inspired by Sue Arthur and Neil Willman’s trip to that country in 2016.  It is a semi-hard cheese with a firm and supple consistency and at 12 months old it has a mild fruity, caramel and nutty flavor which is sweet and lingering.  In colour it is creamy and pale and has a grassy pleasant aroma. It’s a good grating cheese which melts well and is ridiculously easy to eat.

One of Spain’s best-known cheeses, it originated in La Mancha, the region south and south east of Madrid, home to Don Quixote.  It is the most popular Spanish cheese and originally was made from raw milk.   Sheep's milk contains nearly twice the percentage of butterfat found in cow's or goat's milk and this is the reason a wedge may look a little shiny on your cheeseboard.

Traditionally, it's served with quince paste and marconas, a sweet almond similar in texture to a macadamia, with maybe some Serrano (substitute Prosciutto) ham. The intense flavour and crumbly texture make it an ideal table cheese. It is fantastic served with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, crusty bread and can be paired with honey, almonds or marmalade.  Try it with a slice of fig cake or fig bread and grate it over your vegetables.

Manchego cheeses are best paired with a dry sherry, tempranillo, or  robust red  and white wines. Also great with an American Pale Ale.

Serve it at room temperature so the cheese will return its best texture and flavour!  Cut it so that everyone gets an equal share of the rind.  To store, wrap tightly with its wrap or clingfilm, and remove from refrigerator one hour before serving to bring up to room temperature.

Our favourite way to eat it is with olives, sundried tomatoes, and crusty bread and a glass of full-bodied red wine.

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