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As a table cheese on crackers or fresh bread.
In sauces (e.g. cheese sauce).
On pasta (e.g. pancetta and mushroom).
On top of pizza.
Grated and spread on top of baked dishes.
As part of a fondue.
To make pesto.
Grated in a crumb mix for fish.
To flavour risotto.

Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc
Cabernet Sauvignon

My Details

Farmhouse Romano Cheese is a hard Italian-style product made from high quality cow’s milk, with a pale straw yellow paste. The aroma and taste is reasonably strong and slightly salty and this becomes more intense as the cheese matures longer in our cellar. Our Farmhouse Romano is salted by rubbing salt on the rind as it begin to mature. The texture is granular, and it is fantastic as a grating and melting cheese, in a sauce, on pizza, pasta or any baked dish. Also just as good in a sandwich with pickle or on a cheeseboard.

Available in 100g wedges.

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