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Skewer on a stick with sausages, steak or veggies and barbecue.
Fry, cube and use on a green salad adding at the last minute.
Roast pumpkin, mix in pumpkin seeds and add fried Halloumi and at the last minute.
Cube and fry, and serve as part of a cheese board with toothpicks (must be hot!).
Fry a thin slab and serve with onion marmalade garnished with mesclun as an entree.
Use in a stir fry in place of meat.

Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris
or with the Piripiri – Gewurtztraminer

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Present day Halloumi is the same as the cheese made by the Phoenicians when they were in power in the Mediterranean. It is possibly one of the most unusual cheeses to be found. Halloumi is best known as a frying or grilling cheese because of its flavour and ability to hold its shape when heated. Our Halloumi is made with high quality cow’s milk and is softer than usual. When fried in a hot pan (no need to use oil) the outside becomes a crisp golden brown and the inside is delicately soft. It is quite salty so avoid using any salt when adding it to dishes. The salt content makes it a good cheese to put with other food. Use fried 1cm slices or larger cubes in a green salad, mix with cubed roast veggies, add cooked to a Panini, or serve with toothpicks neat off the barbecue or as part of a cheese platter.

Available in an average 150g square.

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