On a cheeseboard with olives.
As a table cheese on crackers or fresh bread.
Make a spinach and feta pie.
Cut onto the top of a Greek or green salad.
Marinate with sunflower oil, garlic and your favourite herbs or chilli flakes – makes a lovely gift.

Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc

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Milk for our goat cheese comes from the Waikato, usually from under Maungatautari Mountain. The breed is Saanen, small white goats with a curious nature and they produce very white milk.

Made in the authentic Greek style, our Goat Feta is firm yet crumbly and salty. It has a mild ‘goaty’ taste which develops more intensity as the cheese ages. They are slightly lower in fat than cow’s milk fetas.

Feta made from goat’s milk is one of the world’s oldest forms of cheese. Once the curd is made it is kept in a brine solution of salt and water to preserve it and allow it to mature. Feta used to be kept in wooden barrels, but today is matured in food-safe plastic containers.

Because it is kept moist, it doesn’t acquire a rind, so it remains white. It is typically fresh and slightly salty. If too salty, run it under the tap or soak in water or milk for a few minutes to reduce the salt levels.

Serve it at room temperature so the cheese will return its best texture and flavour!

Our favourite way to eat it is make it into spinach and feta pie, served with salad and crusty bread, and a glass of rose!

Available in 90 gram half squares. Deli item only.