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On a cheeseboard.
On toast, bread or crackers.
As a topping, softened slightly in the oven.
In quiches, spinach pie or lasagne.
Stuff chicken breasts or ravioli.
crumbled onto a green salad or potatoes.
Mixed with pesto to spread on crackers or as a pasta sauce.
Great with asparagus and broccoli.
Substitute for cream cheese in dips.

Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris

My Details

Our fresh goat curd is moist with a fairly mild, slightly tart fresh goat’s milk flavour. It has an off-white colour, a clean smooth, creamy paste, and less salt than most other goats’ milk cheeses. Our Fresh Goat Cheese is rindless, crafted in the traditional French way, and is as good as the flavour and texture of cheeses found in the markets of France. The French call fresh goat cheese “Chevre”.

Our favourite way to eat it is moulded into a roll and sliced on a serving plate, sprinkled with fresh or dried herbs and drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil – served with crackers or bread. Alternatively served on a crusty roll with honey. Available in 150g, 500g or 1kg vacuum packed bags to seal in the freshness.

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