cow curd

Mix with fresh parsley and chives, season with mustard, salt and pepper and use as a spread.
Flavour with fresh herbs as a dip
A topping for new potatoes or roasted veggies
Add to any sauce instead of cream
Healthy dessert: mix in some milk, sweeten with honey and add preserved or fresh fruit
Sauvignon Blanc
Light Pinot Noir
Light Merlot

My Details

Smooth and moist with a fairly mild, slightly tangy fresh cow’s milk flavour and less salt than most other cow’s milk cheeses.   It will soften when heated, but not melt. It can be used as a substitute for cream cheese or sour cream and is lower in fat and is very versatile as a food ingredient.

Available in 500g or 1kg vacuum packed bags to seal in the freshness. Deli item only.